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On the Way from 25 to 80+: Impact of Pharmaceutical Industry in Achieving National Healthcare Goals
Representatives of the international pharmaceutical industry confirmed their commitment to contribute to the implementation the targets set by the government. On May 14, 2019, Saint Petersburg within the 25th Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, held a press briefing on the current issues of pharmaceutical industry development entitled "On The Way from 25 to 80+: Impact of the Pharmaceutical Industry In Achieving National Healthcare Goals.

25th Russian Pharmaceutical Forum
Forum will take place in St.Petersburg on 14th 15th May, 2019. Dont miss this unique opportunity to meet with all international and local pharmaceutical market players in Russia to discuss sector challenges and exchange the latest news!

26.03.2019 - The National Congress: "The Formula for the Future. What is necessary for the innovative Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry in Russia?"
The Russian market is moving to a new stage of its development, implying a large-scale attraction of advanced innovative technologies of the global pharmaceutical and medical industry. For representatives of government and market participants it becomes particularly important to introduce innovative products in a full-cycle format: from applied development to implementation, and the creation of conditions for this. More than 200 professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry will gather on March 26 in Moscow at the National Congress The Formula of the Future to discuss mechanisms for financing innovations, bringing them to market, and increasing their accessibility to patients.

5th Annual International Practical Conference Clinical Trials in Russia and EAEU
5th Annual International Practical Conference Clinical Trials in Russia and EAEU will be held on March 18-20 in Moscow.

26 - 28 February 2019, "Radisson Royal Hotel", Moscow

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Introducing company interests, on which share it is necessary about 80 % made and sold in the world of pharmaceutical production and the medical equipment, AIPM considers as the priority cooperation with the Russian bodies of public health services, and also with legislative and executive branches of the power, for the purpose of working out of the program of creation of favorable conditions for sale and-or production of the international pharmaceutical companies in territory of the Russian Federation
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