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Starting from 2016 the international pharmaceutical companies undertake to publish information on payments made to or for the benefit of healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations on an annual basis.
Over the past decade the progress of medical science is marked by the emergence of highly innovative and effective pharmaceutical products and methods of treatment, which allowed increasing the life expectancy of patients and improving the quality of life.
The progress in healthcare conditioned by the continuous scientific and R&D cooperation between the industry and healthcare professionals, as part of which pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in research and development programs, professional development of doctors, sociodemographic projects. All over the world the special attention is given to the process of interactions between the medical society and pharmaceutical industry.
In 2013 in order to improve the transparency of the interaction for the benefit of patients the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) adopted the requirement to disclose information about the transfers of values ​​made by pharmaceutical companies to or for the benefit of healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations as the standard of self-regulation. The requirements on the mandatory disclosure of payments made within the framework of interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical society are also reflected in the rules of the United States and European countries national legislation, such as France, Greece, Portugal, Estonia. Remaining dedicated to its commitment to high ethical standards, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM), being a member of EFPIA since 2012, fully shares the EFPIA position.
Accordingly, the initiative to disclose information on payments made to or for the benefit of healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations, including in the course of R&D programs realization, stands on international level and applies to all AIPM member-companies fully in compliance with legislation of Russian Federation, i.a. personal data protection.
Starting from 2016 each AIPM member-company undertakes to publish on their websites information on transfers of value made by them on an annual basis and each reporting period shall cover a full calendar year. For consistency purposes, disclosures will be made in the format of uniform template together with publication of the note summarizing the methodologies used by a company in preparing the disclosures.
AIPM member-companies strongly believe that the initiative to disclose information about payments will enhance mutual responsibility and ethical standards of interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and medical society and, ultimately, will serve the interests of patients and increase mutual trust in the eyes of society. For the purposes of successful implementation of the transparency initiative there is need for understanding and broad cooperation of all stakeholders to strengthen the trust within the society as a whole, and between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical industry, in particular.
More information about the initiative can be found at the following resources:,

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